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Cemetery Tourism: Symbolic Attractions

27th July 2006

Cemeteries have a strange and macabre attraction for the curious and the morose.  The dark symbolism of granite headstones, monuments, and crypts, viewed by some with sorrow and grief, is often no more than a part of a sightseeing itinerary for the general populace. Pere-LaChaise in Paris, France, a burial place for such notable figures […]

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Gettysburg – The Sacred Ground

15th July 2006

Gettysburg battlefield in Pennsylvania, the scene of the largest conflict ever fought in the Western Hemisphere, is considered by many to be the final turning point of the Civil War.  For three days, the brave armies of the North and South fought against each other, each equally strong in their beliefs, and each reluctant to […]

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Alcatraz – The Darkness Within

10th July 2006

Alacatraz prison, officially closed in 1963, sits on an island of 22 acres, surrounded by freezing waters and rapid currents.  Juan Manuel de Ayala, who gave it the name of La Isla de las Alcatreces, “the Island of the Pelicans,” discovered the island in 1775.  In 1850, Alcatraz, better known as “the Rock,” was established […]

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Ground Zero – Tragedy, Terror, and Grief Tourism

3rd July 2006

We watched in disbelief and horror the tragedy unfold on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Never before had the peace and security of the United States been threatened with such evil and disaster. This was to be no ordinary day for any of us and tragically, for some, it would be the last day of their […]

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