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Travel to areas affected by natural disasters, places where people were murdered, etc.

Description of a sky burial

26th June 2012

If memory serves, our first post on this site was an article by Sharon Slayton about Thanatourism and sky burials in Tibet.

Recently I came across a description of a sky burial by Chinese author, Ma Jian, as cited by Troy Parfitt in Why China Will Never Rule the World.

Be warned – this is graphic:

The younger brother hacked off a chunk of thigh and sliced it into pieces. Her right leg was soon reduced to bone. With her belly squashed to the ground, sticky fluid began to trickle from between her thighs. The vultures surrounded us and fought over the scraps of flesh. A pack of crows landed behind them. I picked up the axe, grabbed a severed hand, ran the blade down the palm and threw a thumb to the vultures. The younger brother smiled, took the hand from me and placed it on a rock, then pounded the remaining four fingers flat and threw them to the birds. The crows had now joined the vultures… and were picking at the roast barley that had been mashed up with scraps of brain.

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